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Things to look for in your local fencing school

Learning to fence? Wanting to further hone you craft? Perhaps you’ve moved to a new city and you want to perfect the art of fencing and are looking for a fencing school to meet likeminded fencers. There are a range of fencing schools out there in the USA and depending on your skill level there are certain things to look for which we share in our latest blog post.

A Welcoming Environment

Like any club, a good fencing school should provide a welcoming environment with people that are keen to accept new members of all ages and backgrounds. The way they club greets and treats people who are new to the sport of fencing, or new to the club, says a lot about the attitude of the club and how they work with their members.

Diversity of Fencing Weapons Used
Not all fencing clubs work with different types of fencing weapons. An ideal fencing school is one where you’ll have the opportunity to work with different fencing weapons so be on the lookout for fencing schools that features sabres, foils and epee that you will have the chance to practice and compete with.

A good coach and strong fencers to learn from
Look for a fencing school with a strong coaching staff with real connections to the professional fencing world. The quality of the coach will dictate the quality of the fencers in the school who you will be training with, and you’ll learn just as much from other fencers as you will your coach.

Competitive as well as a recreational focus
To really improve your prowess in the sport of fencing you’ll want a club that balances having a focus on competition but at the same time realises that people fence for a variety of different reasons, and some purely recreationally. This means that they’ll have the facilities to accommodate competitive fencing and recreational fencing and support both.

Fellow fencers out there: are there any more things that you should be mentioned when searching for a good fencing school. Send us an email via this address and we’ll give you a shout out here on this page with your insights.

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