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Training DVD’s

At Selberg Fencing, we understand fencing. We know that it is not as straightforward as two opponents simply attempting to strike one another with a sword. Fencing is an intricate sport, with many complex techniques that often go unnoticed by those who don’t understand the sport. Fencers strive for perfection in their training, focusing on how to best utilize their equipment, body and mind to gain an advantage over their opponent.

To help you gain your edge, our team at Selberg Fencing have developed a wide range of instructional DVD’s. These DVD’s delve deep into the world of fencing, uncovering techniques and skills that steered Charles Selberg to his infamous gold medal at the 1970 World Masters Foil Champsionship.

Our range of DVD’s and Fencing books have been created to suit everyone, no matter your skill level. If you are a beginner, an expert, or somewhere in between, our DVD’s will help you hone your skills.

To find out more information on each DVD, simply click on the product to receive a detailed summary of the products contents.

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