Fencing Equipment and Techniques against Left Handers

If you are familiar with the sport of fencing, you will know that it is not as simple as two competitors trying to hit each other with a sword. Fencing is a complex sport, with many intricacies and techniques that can often go unnoticed by the less informed. Fencers strive for perfection in their training, focusing on how to best utilise their fencing equipment or how to use the correct footwork and timing. However, without proper guidance even the most experienced fencer can become unnerved at the prospect of facing a left handed opponent.

Finding and mastering the proper techniques to get the edge over your opponent is the ultimate goal of any serious fencer. If you are a right hander, and are faced with a left handed opponent, it is quite easy to second guess your instincts that you have built throughout your career. You are no longer facing the same opponent who moves the same way, or who possesses the same defensive weaknesses as those you have faced before. Both physically and mentally, your left handed opponent has already gained the edge before your fight has even begun.

However, do not despair – Legendary fencer and World Masters Foil Champion Charles Selberg knows that with the correct preparation and training it is possible to overcome even the most powerful left handed opponent. In his DVD’s, available to order from the Selberg Fencing website, Charles demonstrates in depth on how to gain the upper hand through correct footwork, balance, timing and use of distance. He explains correct attacking techniques and the importance of starting On Guard, while squashing the myths related to facing a left handed fencer.

Facing a left handed fencer can be daunting, but with the proper fencing equipment, training and preparation, you will be able to go into your next competition with nothing standing between you and success. To find out more about Charles Selberg’s techniques for facing left handers, or to order Selberg Fencing DVD’s, simply visit their website or drop them an email today!

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