Fencing Equipment: Sword Training

Once commonly looked upon as the ultimate gentleman’s sport, fencing is becoming more popular as a past time for children and adults alike, providing a great activity to help keep fit and active whilst also improving your hand to eye co-ordination. Whilst ensuring you have the correct fencing equipment is important, it is worthwhile to look at training materials to support your learning. Here at Selberg Fencing we supply a selection of DVD’s to help you with your training at the same times as offering online videos, tips and advice from fencing legend Charles A. Selberg.

Holding the Sword

The first step to becoming a fencer is to master the technique of correctly holding your sword, which you will find in your training DVD. The key to fencing is all about wrist movement, so you need to ensure you don’t grip the sword too tightly as this will restrict your range of movement. Another element that is vitally important in this sport is balance, so you should hold your sword with just two or three fingers; if you grip with the whole fist, you will set yourself off balance when you begin to attack.


As the majority of your sword movement should be with your wrist, your arm should move very little. By doing this, you will give yourself more accuracy in your movements therefore providing you with a step up on your opponent. By also bringing your arm close to your body, you will restrain it and be forced to use your wrist for movement and if there is nothing away from your body, you will limit the targets for your opponent.

We are proud to have a member of the first and only U.S foil fencing team to win a gold medal in the World Masters Foil Championship in Charles A. Selberg as he is well informed and can offer comprehensive advice and guidance on choosing the right fencing equipment. If this is something that interests you, feel free to browse through our website to see the range of training materials we have on offer.

Tactical Fighting With Fencing Equipment

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a novice learning the art of fencing, there is always room for improvement and by broadening your knowledge of the sport, you are likely to develop into a stronger competitor. Here at Selberg Fencing we can supply educational fencing equipment such as books and DVDs that are designed to educate you on the art of fencing in order to encourage your development and confidence in the sport.

Selberg Fencing was founded by fencing Master Charles Selberg. After winning a Gold medal at the World Masters Foil Championships in 1970, Mr Selberg turned his hand to teaching fencers of all abilities and has continued to do so for over 30 years.

Such is Mr Selberg’s undoubted dedication to sharing his expert knowledge with fencing enthusiasts across the globe, he has produced an extensive selection of training DVDs that cover virtually all aspects of the sport. From footwork and attacking techniques to tips for left handed fencers and even an overview of the origins of fencing, an in-depth training DVD can benefit fencers of all ages and abilities.

Mr Selberg has also written an educational book based on the art of fencing. Comprehensively detailed and beautifully illustrated, this book provides students and teachers alike with everything that they would ever need to know about modern fencing. What’s more, the book entitled ‘FOIL Revised’ is exclusively available in our online store now.

So, whether you are an inexperienced fencing enthusiast just starting out, or you have been competing in the sport for many years but feel you could benefit from the informative and interesting training DVDs and books that Fencing master Charles Selberg has composed, don’t hesitate to search our website today where you can view an online catalogue of all of our fencing equipment. For any further information, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team today.