Fencing Training: Left Handed Fencers

Charles Selberg with the help of Dean Bodhi Roony look into how to approach a fight with a leftie. A left handed fencer has their own strengths and weaknesses as with any fencer, left handed fencers tend to have certain pre-dispositions that right handed fencers will not often come across. In this DVD we look into why does a leftie pose such a concern to right handed fencers and what ways can you adapt your technique?

To quote Selberg “Fencing is as complex as the human brain involved in the combat, and there are no simple solutions”. Every fencer will develop their skills over time and with experience and you will develop patterns to fight different fencers. You will also learn that left handed fencers have certain predispositions in their technique which they can easily use to their advantage.

Right handed fencers will always try and use certain techniques, and left handed fencers are well aware of this and as they develop their learning they adapt their technique to cash in on this. As fencers progress through the levels you will find these differences become less pronounced, and never be tricked into sterotyping a fencer in higher levels.

The first piece of advice for fighting a left handed fencer is that lefties tend to have a weak six line, more experienced left handed fencers will have learnt to defend this area, and you have to guage this level as the fight progresses. Left handers will try and draw you into the center line be aware of this happening, they will also have a number of offensive moves.

As the DVD progresses, you will learn how to approach a fight with more experienced left handed fencers. If you are competing at the lower levels with around less than 5 years’ experience there is a lot you will take away from The Left Handed Fencer DVD regardless of whether you are left or right handed.

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