How to Use Fencing Equipment

If you are keen to get into the sport of fencing, you will most likely have undertaken research to ensure that the right fencing equipment is chosen, but the difference between owning the right equipment and getting to grips with the sport as whole are two entirely different things. If you are seeking expert advice on how to use your fencing equipment with skill and precision, there is no better person to turn to than Charles Selberg. With thirty years’ experience in training both recreational and competitive fencers, you can rest assured that his training materials supplied by the team here at Selberg Fencing are the most comprehensive in the industry.

Once you are familiar with the equipment necessary to successfully take part in fencing such as the foil, sabre and épée, it’s time to turn your attention to the way in which you can skilfully use your equipment to defeat your opponent. Start this process by taking advantage of a training DVD expertly supplied by our knowledgeable team.

We offer an array of training DVDs that take you through the history of fencing to give you unprecedented background knowledge of the evolution of the modern sport as well as in depth demonstrations of how to use your equipment safely and proficiently.

Whether you are looking to further your existing fencing skills in order to start competing for the first time, or you have recently made the decision to fence recreationally, we guarantee you our vast range of training materials are suitable for fencing enthusiasts of every level.

Charles Selberg is a true expert in the field, providing unique insights into not only the aesthetic elements of fencing but also the psychological aspects of the sport to give you a holistic understanding of how to use your fencing equipment as well as deep awareness of your opponent.

To truly get the most out of your fencing equipment, we strongly recommend you take advantage of the high quality training materials available from the specialist team here at Selberg Fencing. To start your journey towards enhancing your fencing skills, simply search our website today.

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